Pediatric Speech Therapy

Child on floor participating in pediatric speech therapy

Speech Pathologist in Lake Nona & Saint Cloud

  • What is speech? Speech is how we say sounds and words. It includes:
    • Articulation: how we say sounds using our mouth, lips and tongue
    • Voice: how we use airflow and our vocal folds to make sounds (loud/soft, low/high pitch)
    • Fluency: the rhythm of our speech; it may sometimes cause pausing and repetitions of sounds
  • What is language? Language is the words we use and how we use those words to share our wants/needs, thoughts, ideas and feelings. It includes:
    • What words mean.
    • How to make new words by changing beginnings and endings (e.g. friend, friendly, unfriendly).
    • How to put words together into phrases, sentences, stories, conversations.
    • What we should say at different times and in different social scenarios.
    • Receptive Language is what we understand. Expressive Language is how we share thoughts, ideas and feelings.
Speech therapist with child