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  • What is speech? Speech is how we say sounds and words. It includes:
    • Articulation: how we say sounds using our mouth, lips and tongue
    • Voice: how we use airflow and our vocal folds to make sounds (loud/soft, low/high pitch)
    • Fluency: the rhythm of our speech; it may sometimes cause pausing and repetitions of sounds
  • What is language? Language is the words we use and how we use those words to share our wants/needs, thoughts, ideas and feelings. It includes:
    • What words mean
    • How to make new words by changing beginnings and endings (e.g. friend, friendly, unfriendly)
    • How to put words together into phrases, sentences, stories, conversations
    • What we should say at different times and in different social scenarios
    • Receptive Language is what we understand. Expressive Language is how we share thoughts, ideas and feelings.
  • Bottle & Breastfeeding: an infant’s oral motor skills and tongue posture can greatly impact the quality of their feeding experience. Whether it be at breast or bottle, difficulties getting or maintaining a proper latch, getting adequate milk intake, and achieving adequate weight gain can all be impacted by an infant’s feeding skills. Whether it be due to a tongue tie, or other reasons, working with a professional with experience and education in infant feeding will help achieve better feeding outcomes for baby.
  • Children with severe speech or language difficulties may need AAC to communicate. AAC includes all of the ways we share our ideas and feelings without talking. Using facial expressions, pointing and gesturing are all forms of AAC! There are 2 types of AAC:
    • Unaided Systems: gestures, facial expressions, body language and even sign vocabulary
    • Aided Systems: include low/mid/and high-tech options. Pointing to pictures on a communication board can be considered a basic aided system. Touching letters or pictures on an iPad, communication device or computer are considered high-tech systems. Working with a SLP who has experience in working with many types of communication devices can get your child on the right track for using AAC.
Speech therapist with child

About Me

My name is Ana & my passion is to help children achieve their communication & feeding goals. I offer services for Speech, Language, Infant feeding (breast/bottle), & Oral Motor/Feeding therapy. I am Nationally Certified & Licensed by the Florida Department of Health. I received my Bachelor’s of Science in 2011 and Master’s of Arts in 2013 from UCF in Orlando, FL.

My clinical experience comes from working at Orlando’s Best Children’s Hospital, as an outpatient pediatric therapist. I have also worked as a bilingual diagnostician and speech/language program specialist for a local school district. I am a member of the Florida Cleft Palate Association and love working with infants and children with cleft lip & palate. I obtained my certification as a lactation counselor, to help infants who are struggling to breastfeed and to help families achieve their breastfeeding goals. I am TOTS Specialty Trained (R) and can provide patients & families support through therapy pre- and post-frenectomy.